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Richard Taylor of Atlanta Anger Management is #atlangerman, @atlangerman on social media.

I am here to help you with your anger, rage and conflict in your life!

The First Stage Of Change is Self Awareness.

Pay attention to what you are thinking.
When this causes your heart rate to increase driving up your blood pressure consider yourself
“activated” or “triggered”.

The Second Stage Of Change is Self-Control.

Ask your yourself one or two questions.

Examples of Questions:

Do I need to say or do anything?
If so, is it neutral or nice?
If not keep silent.
Watch or leave.

If leaving excuse yourself if with other people.
With a partner, say “I need a 15-minute break,
I will come back to continue the discussion.”

Do not leave the premise.

Calm yourself by: reading fiction, listen to a calming song,
a short walk, meditate, Laughter Yoga, rationalization, visualization,
distraction. Do NOT ruminate.


Do this for several weeks.

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